Delete associated member accounts


Profiles in Community Box are always "owned" by someone.

By default, the owner of a profile is the administrator of the directory. However it is also common for individual members to "own" their own profile, so that they can log in and update the profile.

Members gain access to profiles that they "own", by logging into the directory through their member account.

Member accounts are added in different ways. For example, if a member signs up to the directory themselves, they will be prompted to set up a member account at the same time. Or, if you import profiles from a spreadsheet, you can get the dashboard to automatically set up a member account for each newly imported profile. Thirdly, you can use the Grant Ownership feature to manually assign ownership of a profile to a member account.

What does this checkbox do?

If you check the "Also delete associated member accounts" checkbox, then for each profile that gets deleted, the associated member account will be deleted also. Note: if the member account associated with a profile manages other profiles in the directory (in addition to the profile you have selected for deletion) then the member account will not be deleted.