Import error: row is missing display name content


A profile is made up of many fields (first name, last name, phone number...). In the Form Designer, you designate which of these fields makes up the display name of the profile. In the case of a person's profile, a typical choice would be "First name" and "Last name". In the case of a business, a typical choice would be the "Business name" field. And so on.

Community Box uses the "display" name to allow you to identify a profile in the dashboard. If there isn't any content for this name, then Community Box wouldn't be able to label the profile, and you wouldn't be able to distinguish it from other profiles.

What caused the error?

When importing profiles from a spreadsheet, Community Box will check that each row in the spreadsheet has data in the columns that constitute the display name - in other words, that the profile will have a "name" after import.

How can I fix the error?

The error message will describe which of the rows are lacking content (if a lot of rows are lacking content, it might only show a subset of the affected rows). You can either:

  • add content to those rows, in the columns that make up the display name
  • change which fields constitute the display name (for example, if the display name is made up of "First name" and "Last name" but you discover that you don't know everyone's last name, you could choose for the display name to only be made up of the "First name" field). You can make this change in the Form Designer part of the dashboard.