Import error: not all display fields are mapped


In both the Community Box dashboard, as well as in the embedded directory on your website, profiles are identified by their "display name."

For example, in a directory of business consultants, the "display name" of profiles might be their First Name followed by their Last Name.

In a directory of businesses, the "display name" will usually be the same as their Business Name.

How do I decide which fields make up the "display name"?

You can change the fields that make up the "display name" for a given directory in the Form Designer part of the dashboard:

Why is this relevant to importing from a spreadsheet?

Because the "display name" is what identifies a profile, Community Box needs to have enough information about a profile to be able to define its display name. That's why it's a requirement, when importing new profiles from a spreadsheet, that each of those profiles at a minimum should have data for the fields that make up the display name.