Embed on Wix

There are two ways you can embed the directory on Wix. The first, preferable way requires you to be subscribed to a paid Wix plan, as it makes use of the "Custom code" feature available on paid Wix plans. If you are going to use Community Box together with MemberSpace then you must use this solution.

The second way will work on any Wix plan, including free plans, but it constrains the directory to a pre-defined box which makes it less adaptable to different screen and device sizes, and can cause problems with scrolling.

Paragraph embed (preferred - requires paid Wix plan)

Embedding the directory
Embedding the Floating Search Bar

If you are using the Floating Search Bar on your site then you can follow the same instructions as in the video above for embedding the main directory, but replace the text communitybox-directory=... with communitybox-searchbar=... to get the Floating Search bar instead.

Embed widget (less flexible - works on free Wix plans)

For a step-by-step guide to the Embed widget technique, see the following page: https://www.communitybox.co/wix