Granting ownership of profiles

Once you have imported some profiles into your directory, you may wish to give the "owners" of those profiles permission to edit their own profile data.

To do so, go to the Entries tab and select the profile you wish to grant ownership to. Then, click on the "Grant ownership" button:

This will download a .csv spreadsheet file to your device. The spreadsheet contains two columns: one with the profile's email and the other with a generated password for that profile.

You can then share the unique password with each member, using whatever means is best suited for your community. Sharing the password yourself makes it much less likely that it will end up in a spam folder, compared to the password being automatically emailed by Community Box. In many cases, using the .csv file as a Mail Merge Field in your email or mailing-list software works well, as it allows you to quickly send out individual emails to each profile with their unique password. For example see here: